Duomo di Siena

The Duomo square  It is the highest part of Siena with the spectacular Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral. The church is surrounded by very important palaces: Santa Maria della Scala Hospital, the Archbishop’s Palace, the unfinished Duomo, the Opera del Duomo museum, the Crypt, and the Baptistery.

Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo.  The 14th century Government of  the Republic of Siena commissioned the City Hall and had the idea of paving the ground with bricks. At that time the square took its unique shell shape. It was then surrounded by the palaces built by the nobles of the city. On top of the square there is the Fonte Gaia fountain. Twice a year it is transformed into a race track and the Palio horserace takes place around it.

The main street  Here we can admire the famous palaces built by the wealthy families of Sienese bankers :  Salimbeni, Tolomei, Piccolomini, Chigi Saracini…

Le Contrade or Wards: giraffe, unicorn, dragon, awl, caterpillar…..

Monte dei Paschi bank. We shall see the headquarters of the oldest still-working bank in the world.