Santa Caterina

First of all Saint Catherine of Siena, patron saint of Italy and of Europe, Doctor of the Church.

A pilgrimage related to her includes  San Domenico church, where we can see two relics, the Holy Head and a Finger. In the same church there is also the only iconographical representation of the saint painted while she was still alive by her disciple Andrea Vanni. Only a five- minute walk from

San Domenico, there is the House-Sanctuary, where she was born in 1347 and where is kept the Crucifix from which she received the invisible stigmata in April 1375.   

San Bernardino

San Bernardino da Siena, (1380- 1440), one the most brilliant preachers of his time, member of the Franciscan order.

 Bernardo Tolomei, (1272-1348) one of the last saints canonised by the Catholic church in April 2009.

The sacred particles They consist in consecrated hosts that have remained unaltered since 1730 and can be found in the church of San Francesco.