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If you drive your own car. Parking tips

Pay attention when you drive! In Siena, the entire historic center is ZTL, a limited traffic area, and only residents can enter. In case of violation of the rule fines are very high. But no problem, you will find a series of parking lots close to the city. Collect your ticket at the entrance and pay at the automatic cash desk before leaving. From the moment of payment you will have 15 minutes to exit the car park. The average cost per hour is € 2.50.

Distances and Timing

Remember to check the times and distances, which are very often underestimated. I recommend adding at least 30 minutes to the time you have calculated to meet the guide. If you arrive late, the visit cannot be extended, as we often have other work commitments

If I'm already busy

I have been collaborating for years with colleagues whose professionalism I know, who will replace me under the same conditions that you have agreed with me. All  licensed guides for Siena & province


The rental is suggested for groups of more than 6 people for visiting museums, churches,  as well as for city walks due to surrounding noise of the city. I can take care of the rental and the approximate cost per person is € 2.50 for a half day and € 4 for a full day

Clothing in the Church

You cannot enter with bare shoulders and skirts and trousers above the knee. So be careful, especially during the summer. Gentlemen are required to take their hats off in Catholic churches


You can photograph in almost all sites, "almost", not all! Check the signs displayed at the entrance. Also make sure you have turned off the flash, which is not allowed in most museums, churches and archaeological sites


Tours are designed to give ample time for rest and breaks. Please feel free to let the guide know if you need a break

Special Needs

Please let me know prior to your tour of any special needs your group requires. Access can be difficult to sites given the age of the various locations,  We'll walk easy and flat paths , also accessible for wheelechair

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