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Cristina Amberti a Montalcino

My name is Cristina Amberti

I was born and raised in Siena
I still remember with pleasure my first group of tourists in 1990


  • I combined the study of foreign languages ​​(French, English, German) with the university degree in order to get the licence to work as a tourist guide for Siena and southern Tuscany.  I had been teaching in public and private schools, but soon became pleasantly overwhelmed by an impetuous flow of tourists. There was no longer enough time to do both, guiding tourist and teaching school in a satisfying way.  I chose the work I was more passionate about which is being a tourist guide.

  • Within three decades I have experienced the tourism industry evolution. The main change has been the transition from large groups to individuals.

  •  I have had the privilege of customizing experiences for cultural associations, schools, universities, travel agencies, tour operators and, in the last years, families, children, couples and singles.

  • I have closely experienced the restoration of many monuments in the area and the preparation of exhibitions that have made school in the history of art.

  • I strongly believe in team work, that’s why I have been among the promotors of the leading tourism associations of the province.

  • I find I can’t stop studying and when work slows down in the winter, I expand my knowledge with cultural studies.  Some of the most enriching classes have included archaeology, storytelling, public speaking, history, art history, anthropology, regional food and wine.

  • As a true Tuscan I grew up among vineyards and olive groves. The wine and oil production are part of my family heritage.


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