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This tour includes an aperitif in Piazza del Campo

Duration 2 hours

  • The atmosphere is relaxed and it is the best time to enjoy this medieval, frozen-in-time city with its towers, gothic palaces, hidden alleys, unexpected views, and majestic churches. You can learn how a previously unknown village suddenly became one of the wealthiest banking centers of Europe during the 13th century.

  • Stroll through hidden alleys and explore the unique districts all symbolised by real and unreal animals such as dragon, unicorn, panther, eagle, etc.  Twice a year the districts compete in the Palio horse race.  Learn how an entire city is involved all year round in getting ready for this competition. What are the skills each professional jockey must have? Is it true the winning district doesn’t get any prize money? What are the secret deals to prevent the enemy district from winning? No holds barred. You will learn the official and unofficial rules of the race. 

  • Carry on to the Cathedral and end up in Piazza del Campo where the horse race is held and sip a delightful drink, while admiring the fascinating architecture all around.

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