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Steps and wine

Duration 2 or 3 hours

Choose the duration that you prefer, 2 or 3 hours
The tour includes a wine tasting in a wine shop in the historic center

This experience satisfies the eyes as well as the palate. Siena’s main street unrolls along the ancient Via Francigena used for centuries by merchants, soldiers, and pilgrims traveling back and forth from the north of Europe to Rome and Jerusalem, carrying money, produce and ideas.

The travelers’ movements gave birth to one of the wealthiest banking centers of Europe and many powerful families built an unforgettable city to show off. Walking along, you will follow the architectural’s evolution from early 12th century towers through elegant Gothic residences to Renaissance palaces now housing high-end, private apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Not to be missed are the Piazza del Campo that holds the exciting Palio horse race as well as the breath-taking Cathedral, known as Duomo. Continue off the beaten path to explore the districts with their colourful and meaningful emblems: unicorn, dragon, panther, owl and discover Monte dei Paschi, the oldest surviving bank in the world.  Enjoy tasting some Tuscan red wines produced around Siena, just a few minutes from where you are sipping them. Miles of vineyards cover the rolling hills outside the city walls. Combine ancestral knowledge with the most cutting-edge technologies, in which Italy is leader, and you have quality of the highest level.  Would you like to learn how to taste and evaluate a glass of wine like an expert?  Easy.  A few tasting tips by a local expert are ready for you.

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