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Saint Catherine

Miraculous Siena

Choose the duration that you prefer, 2 or 3 hours

The list of Sienese saints and blessed is endless. If you wish to add another figure to the itinerary, I recommend Saint Bernardin



This tour combines classic Siena with the fascinating figure of Saint Catherine, one of the patron saints of Europe and Italy and doctor of the church. Visit the rooms where the daughter of a cloth dyer was born and raised. Learn about her prolific mother who had 25 children. Walk the same alleys that Catherine walked. Enter her church, Saint Dominique Basilica, where she experienced most of her mystical events. Enjoy the view of her only-existing portrait and look at her holy relics, her skull and a finger. How could she relate to politicians, queens, popes, and soldiers? Why did she fast a significant amount of her life?

The same year Catherine passed away, 1380, another of Siena's famous saints was born. Saint Bernardin, the patron saint of advertising, was the most successful preacher of his time, and invented the first brand logo. He was a member of the Franciscan Order, and his church, the Basilica of St Francis in Siena, became the home of the Eucharistic Miracle, one of the longest ongoing miracles in the world.

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