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Siena morning and afternoon

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Duration 5 hours

  • You can enrich the classic "Siena for the first time" itinerary with the entrance to the Palazzo Pubblico and the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala

  • Memorable cycles of frescoes will lead you into the everyday life of man between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Images of anonymous, ordinary people carrying out common occupations, at a time when the Church or influential lay people had the right to be represented

  • How many details offered by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the “Allegory of Good Government”, painted 10 years before the outbreak of the most terrible plague of all time. Between 1337 and 1339 Lorenzetti portrayed daily life in the city and in the countryside, at the time when Siena, but also Europe, reached the peak of maximum demographic expansion. Soon the outbreak of the epidemic would change the face of history, as well as decree the end of a memorable season of Sienese art.

  • What amazing images in the Hospital Pilgrim's Room , decorated in the mid-fifteenth century. You will learn what it meant at the time to be sick, orphaned or pilgrim, what were the most common diagnostic methods and much more

  • As an alternative to this proposal you can combine the classic itinerary with one of the following tours: Secret Siena and the Palio, Saint Catherine. Miraculous Siena, Sunset tour with aperitif, Steps and wine


Access to the Palazzo Pubblico and to the Santa Maria della Scala Hospital is subject to charges. For more details see


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