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Siena for the First Time

Choose the duration that you prefer, 2 or 3 hours

If you wish to enter the Duomo, I recommend to go in the afternoon, because it is less crowded

If you wish to make some stops, I can suggest the most typical shops and cafes

If you are accompanied by a licensed guide, you can have a riduction of the duomo ticket price when the stunning marble floor is uncovered

  • Piazza Del Duomo

It is the primitive nucleus of the city on which the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral stands. The interior is of astonishing richness and shelters works by Nicola Pisano , Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini. The Piccolomini Library with the dazzling frescoes painted by Pinturicchio. The marble and inlaid floors, a unique undertaking in the history of art. The Cathedral is surrounded by impressive buildings: the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, the Archbishop's Palace and the Unfinished Cathedral.


  • Piazza Del Campo

 It is the real center of the city since the Middle Ages.  It's  one of the most  beautiful squares in the world with its unique shall-like shape surrounded by the Palazzo Pubblico with the Torre del Mangia, the elegant residences built by the aristocratic families and the marble Fonte Gaia , from which the water still rises from the subsoil. It is the place where every year the feast of the Sienese is celebrated on the 2nd July and 16th August: the Palio horse race.


  • Via Banchi di Sopra Via Banchi di Sotto Via di Città

It was the economic center of the city, where illustrious families lived: the Salimbeni, the Tolomei, the Piccolomini and many others. Nowadays the fascinating residences house institutions full of history: the headquarters of Monte dei Paschi bank since 1472 , the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, the State Archives with the rare collection of Gabella and Biccherna Tablets. You are also in the shopping center. There are shops and cafes of all kinds.

  • Contrade

Off the beaten track explore the contrade (districts) all named by real, unreal and exotic animals such as Dragon, Unicorn, Giraffe, Panther, etc. The districts maintain diplomatic relationship and twice a year compete in the Palio horse race. Discover the way of life and governance of the district and learn how each member participates all year-round  in the preparation of the horse race.


Access to the Duomo is subject to charges and costs around 6€. The price varies according to the time of year. For more details see

There are also cumulative tickets for the entire Duomo complex. To evaluate the most suitable solution for you, consult




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